League Software for 2022/23 Season

Bowling league software for the 2022/2023 bowling season. Manage one or more leagues with easy to use software from the industry standard in bowling league management. Preorder Now!

Tournament Software

Bowling tournament management. Manage simple to complex tournaments that can include singles, doubles, trios, teams and all events with easy to use software from the industry standard in bowling tournament management.

Brackets and Sidepots Management

Bowling sidepots management. Manage sidepots, such as brackets, high game pots, mystery doubles, sweeper doubles and more. Also great as a simple singles only tournament software from the industry standard in bowling tournament management.

Now Available for the 2022/23 League Season!

The new edition of BLS has been released. Your trusted league software management software is designed to make your league operations easy so you can spend more time with your bowlers.

Bowling Software Products

Industry leading software products using proven technology, powering
bowling centers, leagues and tournaments for over 20 years.


Manage your league statistics, financials and prize funds with our BLS.


Manage your tournament statistics and financials with our BTM (Bowling Tournament Manager).


Manage brackets and side pots with our TBRAC.


Bowling related clipart and images.

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Consumer Editions

Our consumer editions are designed for the individual league secretary or tournament manager to manage their bowling events at home or on their laptop.  Local bowling associations managing tournaments at the association office would use our consumer edition products. Our consumer editions are also great for bowling centers that do not have compatible scoring equipment that work with our A/S editions

Industrial Editions

Our Automatic Scoring editions of our software are available for our programs that integrate at the bowling center with different electronic scoring systems, so that rosters, names, averages and handicaps can be exported to the front desk system to be put on the lanes. When scores are bowled, the scoring system exports those scores to our programs. Our software is compatible with the majority of scoring systems available on the market. Scoring manufacturers package and recommend CDE Software products with their scoring systems.

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Product Features

Our league and tournament management software is available in consumer editions designed for league secretaries or tournament managers using the software at home as well as our industrial edition designed for use by bowling centers to integrate with all major electronic scoring system.


Reports are easily customizable.


Products include a PDF manual and digital help file.

Multiple Editions

Different editions to suit your different needs.

Free Updates

Updates made to a specific product are free when downloaded from our website.

Supporting Sanctioned Bowling

CDE Software supports several governing bodies of the sport, including USBC, CTF and TNBA. Included in support, is printing league applications, membership applications and award forms.

CDE Software is now part of the QubicaAMF Family. QubicaAMF, together with CDE Software, are eager to bring the company’s innovative power to help grow the industry and competitive bowling.