Legal Terms

The following is our legal terms and notices.


Copyright © 1987 – 2019 CDE Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Information on documents, files, graphics and data located on the domain of CDESOFTWARE.COM is subject to change without notice. No part of any document, file, graphic and data located on the domain of CDESOFTWARE.COM without expressed written permission of CDE Software.

Product Functionality and Features

CDE Software product functionality may change throughout its product life. Features, specifications and functionality may change without notice.

Clipart/Graphics End User License Agreement

CDE Software’s current license agreement for our clipart collections can be found with the product.


You may add CDE Software’s homepage URL as a hyperlink to your website. However, directly including graphics whose source in on the CDESOFTWARE.COM domain are prohibited without expressed written permission. Using graphics on our domain as the source for images on other sites creates a draw on bandwidth.


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