License Transfers

The following information on transferring licenses.

There may be occasions where a person no longer needs to use our product and needs to transfer the license to a different person. Here is some background and a link to our License Transfer form.

Changing League Secretaries

When the software is being transferred from an outgoing secretary to an incoming secretary, the License Transfer form must be completed and submitted to CDE Software for processing in order to void the original license and reissue a new license to the incoming secretary. Until this is done, the software may not be transferred to the new secretary. Technical support and upgrade discounts are only available to the license holder as shown in our internal customer database.

What Is Transferred?

When a program is transferred, the current and previous products that the current product was upgraded from is transferred.  For example, if a customer purchased BLS-2016 and then upgraded to BLS-2017, then BLS-2018, then BLS-2019 all of those BLS’s are transferred.  You can not transfer the older BLS-2018 and still keep BLS-2019, for example.  

If you purchased different types of programs, for example BLS-2019 and TBRAC-2018 and you transfer BLS-2019 to a different person, then TBRAC-2018 would not be transferred or would require a separate transfer.

Can the AutoScoring Editions be transferred?

No. The licenses remain for the center purchased and can not be transferred to a different center or location.

Is there a fee to transfer the Standard or Pro licenses?

If the software is shown in our customer database as licensed in the league’s name and the league’s name is not being changed then there is not a fee. Otherwise, it is a $10.00 fee.

Can Old Licenses Be Transferred?

As long as the software as not reached end-of-life as shown on our website, then the license can be transferred.



Electronically Signed Transfer Form Request

You can enter the information below to have CDE Software send an electronically signed license transfer request.

Transfer Form Request

Please enter the outgoing and incoming contact information. The outgoing person will receive an email with a link to complete and sign the outgoing portion of the license transfer form. Once completed, the incoming person will complete and sign the incoming portion. CDE's staff will receive the completed and signed document and process the license transfer within 1-2 business days.



Manually Signed Transfer Form

You can also download the license transfer form, print and have both parties complete and return to