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TBRAC-2018 AutoScoring

TBRAC-2018 Professional Bracket and Sidepot Manager

TBRAC-2018 AutoScoring


TBRAC-2018 AutoScoring is the best brackets, sidepot and informal tournament management software for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 2008R2 Server. CDE uses its experience with bowling software (since 1975) to provide the sport of bowling with the best in bracket and sidepot software.

CDE Software staff will verify ownership of licenses when processing all orders then email the product registrations. Upgrade pricing is available to customers in our current database listed as owning a license with the above listed products. If the software was given to you by a previous user, a Transfer of Ownership form, from our support section, must be completed, signed and returned to CDE before order can be processed.

Product includes program installer for TBRAC-2018 AutoScoring which also installs the program manual in PDF format.

Prices are displayed as Electronic Download prices.

Program is now available.

If upgrading, be sure to change the “Select Most Recent Product Licensed For” in the online store to reflect the newest version of the program you currently are licensed for.

Note: This product is not intended for home use. This edition of TBRAC is designed to integrate with compatible scoring systems in the bowling center.

For those with TBrac-2006, if you are unsure when you purchased TBrac-2006, click this link to send a request to look up purchase date.

TBRAC-2018 Professional

TBRAC-2018 AutoScoring promotes the best tournament software for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2012 Server and Windows 2008 Server. CDE uses its experience with bowling software (since 1975) to provide the sport of bowling with the best in bracket and sidepot management software.

It’s very simple to use the software. Add a person’s name, enter the average to use for handicap purposes, assign a lane and then enter the bowler into any additional sidepots or brackets.

CDE Software and TBRAC-2018 AutoScoring feature the best in bracket sidepot management, using a powerful randomization engine that assigns bowlers in a random and fair manner. Sure, you can set bracket assignments to be based on “as the dice is rolled”, but in many cases, bowlers can be assigned multiple times to the same opponent. When there is a large enough field of bowlers, this can be perceived as unfair, causing bowlers to drop out. TBRAC-2018 AutoScoring uses a logical random method that minimizes or eliminates duplicate match-ups in brackets. In fact, TBRAC-2018 AutoScoring can optionally take some extra time and minimize duplicates in the cases that bowlers win the first game. This provides your bowlers a FAIR means of competition and better yet…. you don’t have to do any extra work.

Many of TBRAC-2018 AutoScoring features are features CDE and its BTM and BLS product line have been doing for years. Such features include:

  • Manage as many tournaments as you wish (Why pay more for each tournament or number of events)
  • Authentic support for Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2016, Windows 2012 Server and Windows 2008R2 Server.
  • Digitally signed applications for security and authentication purposes which follow software industry standards.
  • Built-in tournament financial module to manage finances for a tournament.
  • Manage men, women, mixed and youth tournaments
  • Installers and applications are digitally signed to provide assurance that the software you install is from CDE Software
  • Support – CDE provides the largest opportunity for support for your program via online chat, message boards, email, fax, mail and phone
  • FREE- Extended Product Downloads – Why pay $39.95 extra that other companies charge to download the installer for your program in case you misplace the installation program, moved computers or the installer was corrupted or damaged by a virus. As long as the the program has not reached end-of-life, the installers are available for download FREE without any special passwords or confusing security codes.
  • A lot more features to numerous to list.
  • Use to run brackets for fun, to make additional money for yourself, the league, the youth program or your favorite charity.
  • USBC allows brackets to be offered for USBC youth leagues, providing winnings go to scholarship fund.
  • Twelve different bracket groups can be offered.
  • Each bracket group can be either scratch or handicap and can be a different price.
  • Each bracket group can either be offered for individual bowlers or teams.
  • Each individual can be entered up to 99 times for a total of 999 brackets per group.
  • Offer Reverse Brackets
  • Import league bowlers from BLS-2018, BLS-2017 or BLS-2016
  • Import tournament bowlers from BTM-2017 or BTM-2015
  • Import bowlers from MBD-2018 (requires BLS-2018 Pro or A/S edition with MBD-2018 installed)
  • Supports up to 12 games.
  • Supports singles events tournaments (for multiplayer event tournaments – check out our BTM tournament program)
  • Mystery Doubles sidepots
  • Sweeper Doubles sidepots
  • High game pots
  • Inclusive doubles
  • Drop lowest game
  • Upload tournament results to personal website
  • Send notices to Facebook or Twitter
  • Backup tournaments to Dropbox
  • Email bowlers
  • Manage financials for the tournament
  • Manage as many tournaments as you wish (Why pay more for each tournaments)
  • Handles Scratch or Handicap tournaments – No extra fees
  • Handles Bowler and Team tournaments – No extra fees
  • Supports management of simple pro-am tournaments.
  • Rapid registration to accommodate walk-in style tournaments.
  • Easy to use score screen that allows for rapid score entry.
  • Multiple Reports are managed with customizable tournament results, detailed reports and more – No Extra Charge
  • Add graphics and watermarks from our bowling clipart CD-ROM’s or your own creations. You control size, position and effects
  • Fonts customizable of multiple reports
  • Easy to use Context Sensitive Help.
  • Built-in program manual and guide in PDF format.
  • Tournament results reports.
  • Squad result reports.
  • Fonts customizable of multiple reports, changing font style, size and color.
  • Print plain paper recaps
  • Print on available laser, inkjet and dot matrix printers

Compatible Automatic Scoring Systems: CDE Software interfaces with the largest number of automatic scoring systems available on the market. Even older scoring systems may be able to be interfaced by solutions offered by some our of partners. Looking for a new scoring system? Each of our partners provides unique features and offerings. Because CDE Software does not recommend one partner over another, we strongly encourage contacting any of our partner’s sales representatives to find what suits your business and budget. If you have any questions regarding the interfacing of our product with a partner, please contact our automatic scoring division staff.


Certified Scoring Systems

In order to provide improved compatibility and support, many of our scoring partners have chosen to have their systems certified by CDE Software. This process involves the scoring company providing CDE Software with a system to do constant testing and compatibility checks. This also allows for improved integration as well as diagnosis of any issues that may come up, in order to better identify appropriate action and resolution.

The following is a list of our Certified Scoring Systems:

  • QubicaAMF Conqueror Pro
  • QubicaAMF Conqueror
  • AK Microsystem Touchdesk
  • Brunswick Sync
  • Brunswick Vector Plus
  • Brunswick Vector
  • Brunswick Classic
  • Steltronic Focus
  • Steltronic WINS
  • US Bowling Pulse


Non-Certified Scoring Systems

Some of our scoring partners have either chosen to not be certified, have not yet begun the process or have let their certification lapse. These systems should perform very well with our products, however diagnosis of issues that may come up may be more difficult to troubleshoot or may be delayed in verifying compatibility checks.

The following is a list of our Non-Certified Scoring Systems:

  • AK Microsystem LCS
  • Brunswick CenterMaster
  • Computerscore Matrix (formerly Vantech or Ebonite Scoring)
  • Joystick Front Desk
  • Mendes (Please call for more information)
  • Purrfect Desk
  • QubicaAMF BOSS 8.3 and 9.x
  • Switch
  • Twelve Strike Central Desk PRO
  • Twelve Strike Central Desk DOS
  • Viking 2001

Some of the older scoring systems, such as AMF Accuscore, Accuscore Color, Accuscore Plus or Brunswick AS80/AS90 scoring systems are generally compatible by replacing the front desk console with a solution by our scoring partners. Such solutions include AK Microsystems Touchdesk.

Download Demo

TBRAC-2018 Software - Program Installer
TBRAC-2018 Software - Program Installer

Program installer for TBRAC-2018 Bowling Bracket and Sidepot Software for the 2017/18 season software for the following editions:

  • TBRAC-2018 Professional
  • TBRAC-2018 AutoScoring

If you purchased TBRAC-2018 or wish to try a demo of TBRAC-2018, use this installer. This installer also updates existing installations of TBRAC-2018 to the current release of TBRAC-2018.

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 2016 Server, Windows 2012 Server and Windows 2008 Server w/ Service Pack 2 Update. Supports 32 bit and 64 bit versions of these operating systems.
  • 4.04.05 Version
  • 10-15-2018 Updated
  • 88.3 MB Size
  • 82A1CA4C85F9E7E2899EAE40556A656F MD5
  • View History
  • View EULA
  • Purchase Purchase

System Requirements

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2016, Windows 2012 Server and Windows 2008R2 Server. Supports 32 bit and 64 bit versions of these operating systems.
    Note – Windows 10 “S” edition and Windows 8 RT edition are not supported.
  • Hard Drive Storage: 200-300 megs free space on hard drive (130 MB additional hard disk space required for installation. Space used may be less depending on prerequisite installs already present)
  • Display: 1024×768 or higher display resolution with greater than 256 color depth (16 bit color recommended) with 32 MB of graphics memory.
  • Display Fonts: Display font size to Small Fonts (100%)
  • Processor: Minimum operating system requirements, 1.4 gigahertz or faster recommended
  • RAM/Memory: Minimum operating system requirements, 2 gigabytes or more recommended.
  • Optical Drive: CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive 4x or faster (compatible with reading CD-R’s) – Not needed if installation via download.
  • USB Port: Not needed if installation via CD-ROM or electronic download from destination machine.
  • Printer: A physical printer or printer driver must be installed.
  • Pointing Device: Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Software Prerequisites:
    • Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer 8.0 or later
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later (free from Adobe.com website)
    • Internet connection to use built in Internet features

Why Choose CDE Software

  • We leverage our longstanding experience as developers, league secretaries, league bowlers and center operations experience with bowling software (since 1975) to provide the sport of bowling with the best in bowling league and tournament software.
  • We support USBC and take the time to participate as exhibitors at the USBC national conventions. We take the time to listen to secretaries, associations, state directors and centers to continually evolving our products to serve the current needs of the sport and those who participate in it.
  • We support BPAA and have long standing participation as exhibitors at the annual Bowl Expo convention. This also provides a means for our customers to interact directly with our staff and evolve our products based on the needs of our clients.
  • CDE Software maintains close business and development relationships with all major scoring system manufacturers in order to keep up with the needs of the scoring systems and with their clients with league and tournament software products.
  • If you have a question on your CDE Software product, CDE offers the largest number of ways you can get answers to your questions. This includes peer support with our online support community, interactive chat support, email support, telephone support, fax support, knowledgebase support and remote desktop support
  • Our published and advertised address is our corporate headquarter’s physical commercial address, compared to the use of a private mail box service or UPS Store / Mailboxes Etc service.
  • Our pricing has the best feature value.
  • In 2005, we donated one dollar for each BLS-2006 sold for the Hurricane Katrina relief effort provided by Red Cross.
  • Over several years, CDE has sponsored YABA scholarships
  • The league software of choice for many of the nation’s larger bowling associations.