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About CDE Software

CDE Software is located in technologically diverse city of Seattle. Originally located in Los Angeles in the early 1980’s, Patrick Lajko founded the company and in 1988 moved the company up the coast to West Seattle.

CDE Software’s first commercial product was called “Checks & Balances”, a forerunner to the popular “Quicken” checkbook program. Because of the founders love of the sport of bowling, the company developed and marketed a program designed to help bowling secretaries and centers manage bowling leagues.

Over the years, CDE’s Bowling League Secretary (BLS) has evolved into the premier league management tool.

  • In 1994, Heddon Bowling Services became the first company to strike an agreement with CDE to provide a special edition of the software to allow rosters to be exported to the automatic scoring system and scores imported. CDE Software still maintains a leadership role, by providing interfaces to the majority of automatic scoring systems, including Qubica, Brunswick, Steltronic, AMF, Purrfect Desk, Twelve Strike and AK Microsystems.
  • In 1994, the Young American Bowling Alliance (YABA) officially endorsed CDE’s “Bowling League Secretary” program, marking the first time a national bowling membership organization has offered such recognition.
  • In 1997, CDE moved to its current offices to meet the growing demand for its products and services. CDE also expanded its line of products to include multi-event and single tournament management software, brackets and side pot management software, bowling graphic clip art CD-ROMs.
  • In 2005, CDE added support for the new United States Bowling Congress (USBC) as well as the Canadian Tenpin Federation (CTF).
  • In 2006, CDE Software becomes the first and only bowling league and tournament software exhibitor at USBC Inaugural Convention.
  • In 2006, CDE becomes the first league software to support the uploading of league standings and statistics to both LeagueSecretary.com and SportBowling.com, a USBC official website.
  • In 2007, CDE Software became the first league software to add support for the TNBA bowling organization.
  • In 2009, CDE Software became the first league software to add support to BPAA’s Web Services.
  • In 2013, CDE Software introduces first league software compatible with Twitter and Facebook.
  • In 2013, CDE Software introduces first league software compatible with Dropbox.
  • In 2014, Lance Rasmussen assumed operations of CDE Software. Lance has been with the company for over 20 years.
  • In 2015, CDE Software celebrated USBC’s 10th year at USBC Convention in Omaha, NE.

Since inception of USBC, CDE Software has been the only league and tournament software company represented at the annual USBC National Convention, taking the time to speak with its many customers face-to-face, getting feedback on product features needed to keep our products focused on the needs of the bowling community.  CDE has also been a longstanding BPAA exhibitor at the annual Bowl Expo convention, exhibiting for over 20 years.

CDE Software not only emphasizes its own products, but also on general education. CDE has always been dedicated to helping bowling proprietors and bowling associations get more comfortable with CDE’s products as well as computers in general.

Patrick Lajko - Company founder

Company Founder – Patrick Lajko

Lance Rasmussen - Vice-President

Lance Rasmussen – Vice-President of Operations

CDE Software & LeagueSecretary.com

CDE Software and LeagueSecretary.com