BLS-2025 AutoScoring Edition

Introducing the ultimate solution for automatic scoring back offices at bowling centers: BLS-2025 AutoScoring Edition. Designed to streamline league management with automatic scoring integration, this software offers comprehensive support for scores and financials, along with integrated features such as Brackets and Master Bowler Database, tailored for the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 bowling season.

Note: Need to prepare your fall league or run a spring or summer league? Purchase BLS-2024 AutoScoring between June 1, 2024, and August 31, 2024, and receive a free upgrade to BLS-2025.

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BLS-2021 A/S

BLS-2025 AutoScoring

Introducing BLS-2025 AutoScoring, the premier league software tailored specifically for integration with automatic scoring systems in bowling center back offices. Leveraging over 40 years of experience in bowling software, CDE Software has crafted the most comprehensive and user-friendly league software in the industry, designed to streamline operations and enhance the bowling experience

BLS-2025 AutoScoring expands on the features of the Professional edition, offering enhanced tools and resources specifically tailored for automatic scoring environments.

BLS-2025 AutoScoring is exclusively designed for use in bowling center back offices, providing a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for league management professionals.

For a list of our partners, visit our Automatic Scoring Partner List.

Designed to be easy to use by everyone

Crafted with accessibility in mind, our software is designed to be user-friendly for all. Enjoy seamless navigation that effortlessly guides users to essential functions. With an intuitive layout, our software ensures easy operation, whether you’re managing sidepots or overseeing a singles tournament. Experience hassle-free organization and efficient functionality, empowering users of all levels to navigate and utilize our software with ease. Dashboard highlights information about the league.


Experience the ultimate flexibility in league management with BLS-2025 AutoScoring. Run an unlimited number of scratch or handicap leagues directly on the center computer. Whether you’re organizing leagues for men, women, boys, girls, or a mix of adults and youth, BLS-2025 adapts to your every need.

Enjoy the freedom to bowl up to 6 games per week with teams of up to 12 bowlers each. With support for up to 190 teams per league and the ability to run leagues for a maximum of 95 weeks per season, BLS-2025 offers unparalleled scalability and versatility for your bowling leagues.

Social Distancing

Several options for Social Distancing spacing of lane assignments, such as 1 team per pair, every other pair dark, every other lane dark and more.


Managing finances for your league has never been easier thanks to BLS-2025‘s built-in financial module. From tracking dues and fees to managing prize funds, our comprehensive solution ensures that every aspect of your league’s finances is handled with precision and efficiency. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual calculations—BLS-2025 streamlines financial management so you can focus on what matters most: providing an exceptional bowling experience for your members.


Count on BLS-2025 AutoScoring, the trusted choice endorsed by premier bowling authorities including the United States Bowling Congress, Canadian Tenpin Federation, and The National Bowling Association. Recommended for use throughout the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 bowling season, BLS-2025 ensures you’re equipped with the best tools for seamless league management.


With BLS-2025 AutoScoring, reporting isn’t just about data—it’s about making a statement. Our software empowers you to create visually stunning reports and standings sheets that reflect the unique identity of your league. Add logos, incorporate different fonts, and utilize customizable formatting options to distinguish your league from the rest. From sleek modern designs to classic aesthetics, BLS-2025 lets you showcase your league’s personality with style.

Upload Standings For Your Bowlers To View Online

BLS-2025 AutoScoring simplifies league management by automatically uploading league standings to leading platforms such as during the 2024/2025 bowling season for free. Bowlers can conveniently access their standings online or through the mobile application, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the bowling season.

USBC’s and personal websites are also supported for standings uploading. 

Easy Score Entry

Say goodbye to slow data entry. With BLS-2025 AutoScoring, entering scores is lightning-fast, thanks to intuitive keyboard shortcuts. Simply type in scores with ease, minimizing time spent on administrative tasks and maximizing your focus on the game.

Whether you prefer using the mouse or keyboard shortcuts, BLS-2025 AutoScoring offers seamless player management options. Quickly move bowlers between teams or adjust their positions with a click of the mouse or a stroke of the keyboard, ensuring smooth and efficient league operations.

BLS-2025 AutoScoring simplifies the handling of absentee, vacancy, and injured scores. Easily mark absent bowlers, assign vacancy scores, or record injured player scores with just a few clicks, ensuring accurate and fair competition for all participants.

BLS-2025 AutoScoring imports scores from compatible electronic automatic scoring systems to minimize data entry.

 Flexible Rules Configuration

No matter the complexity of your league rules, BLS-2025 AutoScoring simplifies the configuration process with its logically organized configuration screen. Easily customize league rules to match your specific requirements, ensuring that every aspect of your league operates according to your preferences.

With BLS-2025 AutoScoring, managing league bylaws is effortless. Enter basic text for rules such as fines for not wearing team shirts directly into the software. Then, conveniently print out the league bylaws from within BLS-2025 , ensuring that all league members are aware of and adhere to the established guidelines.

Whether your league rules are straightforward or intricate, BLS-2025 AutoScoring empowers you to enforce them effectively. Stay compliant with sanctioning body regulations and maintain consistency across all league activities, fostering fairness and transparency for all participants.

Integrated Bracket Module

Make league play even more exciting with BLS-2025 AutoScoring Edition’s integrated bracket module. Injecting an element of thrill and competition, bracket sidepots add an extra layer of excitement to your bowling league. Here’s how it works:

  • Engage bowlers with bracket sidepots, offering an opportunity for additional competition and prizes during league play.
  • Create brackets with ease using the integrated module, allowing participants to compete head-to-head for cash prizes or other incentives.
  • Keep bowlers engaged and informed with alive lists, providing updates on which participants are still in contention in the brackets.
  • Foster a sense of camaraderie and competition as bowlers track their progress throughout the bracket rounds.

Master Bowler Database 2025

BLS-2025 AutoScoring Edition offers seamless integration with the Master Bowler Database (MBD), enhancing your league management experience with added convenience and efficiency. Here’s how:

Link your BLS-2025 AutoScoring leagues directly to the MBD, simplifying the process of adding bowlers into leagues. With this integration, you can quickly access bowler information from the database and seamlessly add them to your leagues without manual entry.

Generate comprehensive multi-league reports effortlessly by leveraging the connection between BLS-2025 AutoScoring and the MBD. Access bowler data across multiple leagues from a centralized location, allowing you to generate consolidated reports with ease.

Benefit from centralized data management with synchronized bowler information between BLS-2025 AutoScoring and the MBD. Ensure data accuracy and consistency across all your leagues, minimizing errors and streamlining administrative tasks.

Scoring System Integration

Our BLS-2025 AutoScoring software seamlessly integrates with the scoring system at your bowling center, providing a seamless connection between the back office and the front desk. Here’s how it works:

Back Office Integration: BLS-2025 AutoScoring is designed to integrate effortlessly within the back office of your bowling center. League managers can efficiently manage leagues, including setting up schedules, managing rosters, and handling finances, all from one centralized platform.

Roster Management: Before league play begins, league rosters are sent from BLS-2025 AutoScoring to the front desk, where they are easily accessed and used for flooring purposes. This ensures that bowlers are correctly assigned to their lanes and teams, streamlining the check-in process and minimizing errors.

Automatic Score Retrieval: During or after league play, BLS-2025 AutoScoring retrieves scores tracked by the scoring system. This minimizes the need for manual score entry, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. League processors can access up-to-date scores and standings instantly, keeping participants informed and engaged throughout the season.

By offering seamless integration between BLS-2025 AutoScoring and the scoring system at your bowling center, we provide a streamlined solution for league management that enhances efficiency and accuracy, ultimately enhancing the overall league experience for both participants and administrators.

Adjustable Export Options

Our export screen within BLS-2025 AutoScoring offers flexible options to accommodate the varying needs of different leagues, including those with different practice times or unique formats such as no-tap leagues. Here’s how our export screen provides versatility for scoring systems:

Customizable Practice Times: BLS-2025 AutoScoring allows league managers to define and customize practice times for each league. Whether leagues have specific practice sessions before official play begins or require additional warm-up time, our export screen provides options to communicate these practice schedules effectively to the scoring system.

No-Tap League Support: For leagues that utilize the no-tap format, where knocking down a certain number of pins counts as a strike, our export screen offers specific settings to accommodate this unique scoring method. League managers can easily configure the export settings to ensure that the scoring system recognizes and scores frames accurately according to the no-tap rules.

Flexible Export Options: Our export screen provides a range of flexible options that scoring systems can leverage to adapt to different league requirements. From defining scoring parameters to specifying game formats and special rules, league managers have the flexibility to tailor the export settings to align with the specific needs of each league.

Seamless Integration: Once export settings are configured within BLS-2025 AutoScoring, the data is seamlessly transmitted to the scoring system, ensuring smooth communication and synchronization between the league management software and the scoring hardware. This integration minimizes manual intervention and streamlines the scoring process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

By offering customizable export options tailored to the diverse needs of different leagues, BLS-2025 AutoScoring provides a versatile solution that empowers league managers to effectively manage and communicate league specifications to the scoring system, ultimately enhancing the overall bowling experience for participants.

Additional Product Details

Introducing BLS-2025 AutoScoring, the go-to advanced solution for managing bowling leagues within the comfort of your home. As part of our consumer product line, this edition is designed to simplify league management tasks and enhance your overall experience as a league secretary.

Streamlined League Management: BLS-2025 AutoScoring is meticulously crafted to streamline your workload, making league administration tasks both effortless and enjoyable. Our user-friendly interface ensures that you’ll always be eager to take on the role of league secretary.

Trusted by Leading Bowling Organizations: Rest assured, BLS-2025 AutoScoring is endorsed by renowned bowling authorities, including the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), Canadian Tenpin Federation (CTF), and The National Bowling Association (TNBA). Additionally, it comes equipped with forms, sanctions, membership cards, and awards, ready for use throughout the Fall 2023 through Summer 2024 bowling season.

Support for Tournament Qualifiers: Stay ahead of the game with BLS-2025 AutoScoring, which offers full support for the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 Pepsi Tournament qualifiers, ensuring that your league members have access to exciting opportunities for competition.

Enhanced Navigation and Internet Connectivity: Navigate your league’s operations seamlessly with BLS-2025‘s intuitive menu structure, organized to align perfectly with the flow of the bowling season. Plus, leverage unique Internet-enabled features such as email communication with league members, complete with attachments as needed.

Seamless Online Integration: With BLS-2025 AutoScoring, take advantage of exclusive online capabilities, including the ability to upload standing sheets directly to,, and your personal websites. Stay connected and keep your league members informed throughout the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 season.

Experience the convenience, reliability, and innovation of BLS-2025 AutoScoring. Simplify your league management tasks and elevate your league’s experience today!

Discover the legacy of innovation with BLS-2025 AutoScoring, where features pioneered by CDE and its BLS product line are seamlessly integrated to enhance your league management experience:

1. Unlimited League Management: Break free from limitations and manage as many leagues as you desire with BLS-2025 AutoScoring on your center computer. Why pay extra for each league or the number of teams when you can enjoy unrestricted access to league management tools?

2. Comprehensive League Support: Whether you’re overseeing men’s, women’s, mixed, or youth leagues, BLS-2025 AutoScoring caters to diverse league demographics, ensuring that every aspect of league management is tailored to your specific needs.

3. Built-in Financial Management: Take control of your league’s finances with ease using BLS-2025 AutoScoring’s built-in league treasurer module. From tracking dues and fees to managing prize funds, our comprehensive financial management tools simplify the financial aspects of league administration.

4. Extensive Support Services: At CDE, we prioritize your satisfaction by offering unparalleled support for your BLS-2025 AutoScoring software. Access assistance via online chat, message boards, knowledge base articles, email or phone, ensuring that you have the resources you need to succeed. We have a dedicated AutoScoring support phone and team.

5. Expandable Feature Set: Unleash the full potential of BLS-2025 AutoScoring with additional features beyond those listed, providing you with customizable solutions to address specific league management needs.

Experience the legacy of excellence with BLS-2025 AutoScoring, where innovation meets reliability, and every feature is designed to elevate your league management experience to new heights.

    Discover the comprehensive array of features offered by BLS-2025 AutoScoring:

    League Types:

    • Organize scratch or handicap leagues with ease.
    • Bowl up to 6 games per week.
    • Support for various league types including men, women, boys, girls, adult, youth, or mixed leagues.
    • Accommodate up to 190 teams per league, each with roster sizes of up to 12 players.
    • Flexible scheduling with support for up to 95 weeks per league.
    • Enable traveling leagues for added versatility.

    Split Season Support:

    • Configure up to 8 splits in a season with definable split weeks.
    • Reset specific items when a new split is reached, such as team points and pinfall.
    • Rank standings by split or season for enhanced organization.

    Legal Lineup Control:

    • Define legal lineup minimum requirements to ensure fair play.
    • Easily adjust lineups when advancing weeks, such as re-arranging based on average.
    • Enforce team average cap limits for balanced competition.
    • Fixed team roster support.

    Individual Averages Control:

    • Set requirements for bowlers with and without a book or entering average.
    • Support for cushion average and declining cushion average.
    • Utilize the 3-6-9 average format for the first 3 weeks when book average is not used.
    • Supports Pin drop limits, such as pins a player can drop from book/entering average.
    • Supports minimum average requirements.

    Handicap League Control:

    • Configure same or different handicap percentage and base for genders.
    • Support for capping handicap scores and negative handicapping.
    • Define maximum handicap limits for equitable competition.
    • Support for leagues adopting USBC Rule 100g-5 regarding capping of handicap scores.
    • Supports different team handicap methods, including summing bowler handicaps, team average basis or difference between team averages.

    Subs, Absentee, forfeit and vacant bowler control:

    • Manage absentee scores by specific pinfall or percentage.
    • Define rules for vacant bowlers based on gender score or specific criteria.
    • Support for permanent and temporary substitutes.
    • Support pin drop rules for absentees missing consecutive weeks or cumulative number of weeks.
    • Vacant bowler can be based on gender score or be based on a specific score or have a different percentage and base then others.
    • Bye team rule support or BYE team support.
    • Permanent Substitutes support
    • Supports temporary and roving substitute bowlers.

    Points control:

    • Assign team and individual match points for game and series, handicap and/or scratch.
    • Implement bonus points, Peterson points, and regressive points for added depth.
    • Support for UBL league scoring methodology.

    League awards:

    • Recognize outstanding performances with scratch and/or handicap game and series awards for bowlers and teams.
    • Award achievements such as game and series above average, most improved, and high average.
    • Support award limitations to one award or all awards that are earned.

    Special Features:

    • Seamlessly start a league mid-season with the mid-season startup feature.
    • Accommodate multiple teams per lane and bowling against two teams per week.
    • Easily manage prebowls, makeups/postbowls, and overrides for averages, handicaps, wins, and losses.

    Experience the power and versatility of BLS-2025 AutoScoring, designed to meet the advanced needs of bowling leagues with precision and efficiency.

    Discover even more powerful features offered by BLS-2025 AutoScoring:

    Lane Assignments

    • Effortlessly assign lanes for league play.
    • Support for USBC Lane Schedule, including position rounds and reverse position rounds.
    • Random Lane Assignments option.
    • Customize starting lanes and accommodate holidays with ease.
    • Seamlessly handle multiple shifts and teams per lane.

    Score Entry

    • Streamline score entry with a user-friendly interface.
    • Rapidly input scores for quick and efficient league management.
    • View calculated columns for added convenience, such as scores with handicap and bowler averages per game.
    • Support for Baker scoring format.

    Bowler Management

    • Simplify bowler management with easy-to-use tools.
    • Access bowler history at a glance for quick reference and analysis.

    Experience the unparalleled efficiency and convenience of BLS-2025 AutoScoring, equipped with advanced features designed to elevate every aspect of league management.

    Experience seamless integration with leading bowling organizations with BLS-2025 AutoScoring, supporting USBC, CTF, and TNBA for the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 bowling season. Here’s what you can expect:

    USBC Certification:

    • Ensure compliance with USBC regulations with certified leagues.
    • Automatically detect award eligibility and generate necessary forms, including membership forms and sanctions forms for the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 season.
    • Stay up-to-date with playing rule changes implemented for the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 season.

    Membership Management:

    • Simplify membership management with BLS-2025 AutoScoring, which generates USBC bowler membership cards for the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 season.

    Youth Tournament Support:

    • Process USBC Youth Pepsi Tournament qualifications seamlessly, including handling divisional and age changes, for the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 season.
    • Designate prebowl/makeup scores to disqualify for USBC awards, ensuring accurate recognition for deserving bowlers.

    CTF and TNBA Support:

    • Stay aligned with CTF awards changes and print CTF bowler membership cards for the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 season.
    • Print TNBA awards and TNBA bowler membership cards, ensuring seamless integration and support for the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 season.

    Experience the reliability and convenience of BLS-2025 AutoScoring, designed to simplify league management while ensuring compliance with the latest regulations and requirements set forth by leading bowling organizations.

    Unlock a wealth of reporting features with BLS-2025 AutoScoring:

    Customized Standing Sheets:

    • Tailor standing sheets to your league’s needs by assigning a different league title than the description for opening leagues.

    Enhanced Score Reprinting:

    • Enjoy redesigned score reprinting functionality that optimizes paper usage while providing comprehensive details for audit purposes.

    Versatile Report Management:

    • Access a variety of reports, including league standings, detailed reports, and season histories, all managed with customizable options to suit your preferences.

    Graphic and Watermark Integration:

    • Elevate your reports with graphics and watermarks from our bowling clipart CD-ROMs or your own creations. Customize size, position, and effects to create professional-looking documents.

    Font Customization:

    • Personalize reports with fonts customization options, allowing you to change font style, size, and color to match your league’s branding.

    Plain Paper Recaps:

    • Print plain paper recaps for added convenience and flexibility.

    Compatibility with Official Recap Forms:

    • Print reports on a variety of printers, including laser, inkjet, and dot matrix printers, using officially approved forms by CDE Software in partnership with Databar, ensuring compliance and professionalism.

    Experience the power of customizable reporting with BLS-2025 AutoScoring, designed to meet the diverse needs of league administrators while maintaining professionalism and efficiency.

    Explore the Internet-enabled features of BLS-2025 AutoScoring:

    1. Effortless Website Uploads: Enjoy one-click website uploads directly from BLS-2025 AutoScoring, making it simple to share league information with your community. This feature is included in all editions of BLS-2024.
    2. Automatic Program Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements by downloading program updates conveniently from within BLS-2025 AutoScoring.
    3. Interactive Standings on Provide your bowlers with FREE access to interactive standings on for the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 bowling season. They can view dynamic positions, rosters, histories, and more.
    4. Seamless Standings Uploads: Easily upload standings to for certified USBC leagues and non-sanctioned leagues for the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025bowling season, FREE of charge.
    5. Cloud Backup on Safeguard your league data with FREE cloud backup storage on for the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 season. One-click backup ensures secure storage for emergencies.
    6. Standings Uploads to Enjoy FREE uploads of standings to USBC’s own for certified leagues during the Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 season.
    7. Web Uploads to Your Own Site: Extend your reach by uploading to both and your own website simultaneously, maximizing accessibility for your league members.

    Important Information:

    • BLS-2025 AutoScoring enhances user functionality by enabling email communication with bowlers directly within the application.
    • When using Google Gmail or Microsoft Office 365/ servers, the program accesses your account for retrieving user details and sending emails on your behalf. You have the option to disconnect this feature at any time by changing the special email server to NONE.

    Experience the convenience and connectivity of BLS-2025 AutoScoring, designed to streamline league management and enhance communication with bowlers.

    Experience seamless financial management with BLS-2025 AutoScoring:

    1. Built-in Treasurer Module: Simplify treasurer duties and track league finances effortlessly with the integrated treasurer module. Easily record payments and manage financial transactions, whether tracking by bowler or by team.

    2. Membership Card Payments: Keep accurate records of membership card payments within the system, ensuring transparency and accountability in financial transactions.

    3. Sponsor Money Tracking: Track sponsor contributions efficiently, allowing you to monitor and manage sponsor funds with ease.

    4. Fine Tracking and Assignment: Maintain discipline within the league by tracking and assigning fines as necessary. BLS enables you to monitor fine payments and ensure compliance with league regulations.

    5. Flexible Pricing Options: Accommodate different pricing structures for regular bowlers and substitutes, providing flexibility to meet the needs of your league members.

    6. Prize Fund Management: Streamline prize fund management tasks with BLS, allowing you to set up, allocate, and manage prize funds effortlessly. Ensure that prize distributions are handled accurately and efficiently.

    With BLS-2025 AutoScoring, financial management becomes a breeze, empowering you to maintain control over league finances while simplifying administrative tasks.

    Discover the exclusive extras included in the AutoScoring Edition of BLS-2025:

    1. Additional Report Capabilities:
      • Unlock advanced reporting features available exclusively to AutoScoring editions, providing enhanced insights and analysis for league management.
    2. Random Lane Assignment Generator:
      • Utilize the next generation random lane assignment generator for lane assignments, adding an element of unpredictability and fairness to league play.
    3. Pair-by-Pair Statistics:
      • Access pair-by-pair statistics for both weekly and season-to-date analysis, enabling in-depth performance evaluation and strategic decision-making.
    4. PDF Standing Sheet Attachment:
      • Attach PDF standing sheets to mass emails sent to your league bowlers, facilitating seamless communication and distribution of important league information.
    5. Additional Rule Options:
      • Benefit from additional rule options available exclusively to AutoScoring editions, allowing for greater customization and flexibility in league management.
    6. Password Protection:
      • Ensure additional security for your leagues with password protection functionality, safeguarding sensitive league data from unauthorized access.
    7. Custom Report Templates:
      • Create custom templates for reports and standing sheets, tailoring them to your league’s specific requirements and branding.
    8. PDF Export of Reports:
      • Export reports, including standing sheets, in PDF format for easy sharing and distribution among league members and stakeholders.
    9. Import and Export Bowlers:
      • Import and export bowlers from Bowler Trac / BITS format, facilitating seamless data transfer and integration with other bowling software platforms.

    Experience the power and versatility of BLS-2025 AutoScoring Edition, equipped with exclusive extras to elevate your league management experience.

    The integrated bracket module within BLS-2025 AutoScoring offers the following features:

    1. Free Integrated Bracket Module:

      • Enjoy a built-in bracket module at no extra cost, allowing you to organize and run brackets for your league(s) seamlessly within BLS-2025 AutoScoring.
    2. Versatile Bracket Use:

      • Utilize brackets for various purposes, whether for fun, fundraising opportunities, or charitable endeavors. With BLS-2025 AutoScoring, you have the flexibility to tailor brackets to suit your league’s needs.
    3. USBC Compliant:

      • Offer brackets for USBC youth leagues, ensuring compliance with USBC regulations as long as winnings are directed towards scholarship funds.
    4. Multiple Bracket Groups:

      • Create up to eight different bracket groups, each with its own specifications, such as scratch or handicap format and pricing.
    5. Individual or Team Brackets:

      • Choose to offer brackets for individual bowlers or teams, catering to different preferences and participation dynamics within your league.
    6. Flexible Entries:

      • Allow individuals or teams to enter brackets multiple times, with each participant eligible for up to 99 entries per group, totaling up to 999 brackets per group.
    7. Improved Registration Interface:

      • Benefit from a new and improved bracket registration screen, enhancing user experience and streamlining the bracket entry process for participants.

    Experience the convenience and versatility of the bracket module integrated within BLS-2025 AutoScoring, empowering you to enhance league engagement and excitement through bracket competitions.

    If you are looking for a dedicated bracket and sidepot software solution, check out our TBRAC-2024 product line.

    Explore the comprehensive features of the Master Bowler Database included with BLS-2025 AutoScoring:

    1. License for Master Bowler Database 2025:
      • Benefit from a full license for the Master Bowler Database 2025, provided in a separate installer for easy installation and access.
    2. New Bowler and League Reports:
      • Access new reports designed specifically for bowler and league data, providing valuable insights and analysis to enhance league management.
    3. Import Common Bowlers into a League:
      • Seamlessly import common bowlers into a league, streamlining data management and ensuring consistency across multiple leagues.
    4. Share Bowlers Between Leagues:
      • Share bowlers between different leagues within your organization, facilitating collaboration and data sharing among league administrators.
    5. Merge Duplicate Bowlers:
      • Identify and merge duplicate bowler records, maintaining data integrity and reducing redundancy within the database.
    6. Generate Bowler Reports Across Multiple Leagues:
      • Generate comprehensive bowler reports that span across multiple leagues, allowing for holistic analysis of bowler performance and participation.
    7. Generate Mailing Labels:
      • Create mailing labels effortlessly, simplifying communication and outreach efforts to league participants and stakeholders.
    8. Generate Average Books:
      • Generate average books from selected leagues, providing valuable reference materials for bowlers and league administrators.
    9. General Call Lists:
      • Generate general call lists for league communication purposes, ensuring efficient dissemination of important information and updates.
    10. Import and Export Between Bowler TRAC:
      • Seamlessly import and export data between Bowler TRAC, enabling interoperability and data exchange between different bowling software platforms.

    Experience the power and versatility of the Master Bowler Database included with BLS-2025 AutoScoring, designed to enhance data management and analysis for league secretaries.

    CDE Software offers BLS-2025 AutoScoring compatibility with a wide range of automatic scoring systems, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality for bowling centers. Whether you’re looking for a new scoring system or seeking to interface with an existing one, our certified and non-certified scoring system partners provide unique features and offerings tailored to your business needs.

    Certified Scoring Systems:

    • QubicaAMF Conqueror X
    • QubicaAMF Conqueror Pro
    • AK Microsystem Touchdesk
    • Brunswick Sync
    • Brunswick Vector Plus
    • Brunswick Vector
    • Steltronic Focus
    • US Bowling Pulse

    Non-Certified Scoring Systems:

    • AK Microsystem LCS
    • Brunswick CenterMaster
    • Computerscore Matrix (formerly Vantech or Ebonite Scoring)
    • Joystick Front Desk
    • Mendes
    • Purrfect Desk
    • QubicaAMF BOSS 8.3 and 9.x
    • Brunswick Classic
    • Steltronic WINS
    • Switch
    • Twelve Strike Central Desk PRO
    • Twelve Strike Central Desk DOS
    • Viking 2001

    For older scoring systems like AMF Accuscore, Accuscore Color, Accuscore Plus, or Brunswick AS80/AS90, compatibility can be achieved by replacing the front desk console with a solution provided by our scoring partners, such as AK Microsystems Touchdesk.

    Our certified scoring systems undergo rigorous testing and compatibility checks, ensuring improved integration and support. For non-certified systems, while they should perform well with our products, troubleshooting and compatibility checks may require additional effort.

    Contact our automatic scoring division staff for any questions regarding the interfacing of BLS-2025 AutoScoring with a partner, and explore the unique features and offerings provided by our scoring system partners to find the solution that best suits your business and budget.

    To install and operate BLS-2025 AutoScoring, ensure your system meets the following requirements:

    Operating System:

    • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, or Windows Server 2012.
    • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these operating systems.
    • Windows 8.1 can be used, although it’s not officially supported.

    Hard Drive Storage:

    • 150-200 MB of free space on the hard drive.
    • An additional 95 MB of hard disk space is required for installation, although the actual space used may be less if prerequisite installs are already present.


    • Display resolution of 1024×768 or higher.
    • Color depth greater than 256 colors (16-bit color recommended).
    • 32 MB of graphics memory.

    Display Fonts:

    • Display font size set to Small Fonts (100%).


    • Minimum operating system requirements with a 1.4 GHz processor or faster recommended.


    • Minimum operating system requirements of 2 GB of RAM or more recommended.

    Optical Drive:

    • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive with 4x speed or faster, compatible with reading CD-R’s (not required for installation via download).

    USB Port:

    • Not needed if installation is done via CD-ROM or electronic download.


    • A physical printer or printer driver must be installed.

    Pointing Device:

    • Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device.

    Software Prerequisites:

    • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later (available for free from the Adobe website).
    • Internet connection required to utilize built-in Internet features.

    AutoScoring Requirements:

    • Installation or network connection to compatible scoring system

    Ensure your system meets these requirements to enjoy seamless installation and operation of BLS-2025 AutoScoring.

    Experience the power of BLS-2025 with our free trial offer!

    Simply download the program installer and install the software to begin exploring its capabilities. The software operates in Demo Mode, granting you access to a sample league and the majority of program features. Take your time to familiarize yourself with its functionality and see how it can elevate your league management.

    Ready to unlock the full potential of BLS-2025? Request a quote directly from our online store at your convenience. Alternatively, reach out to our dedicated sales department by phone to request a quote or place your order and receive personalized assistance.

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your league management experience at your center with BLS-2025 AutoScoring!

    While BLS-2025 isn’t available to download yet, try BLS-2024 now!

    BLS-2024 Software - Program Installer
    BLS-2024 Software - Program Installer

    The program installer for BLS-2024 Bowling League Secretary Software for the 2023/24 season is now available for the following editions:

    1. BLS-2024 Standard
    2. BLS-2024 Professional
    3. BLS-2024 AutoScoring

    Whether you've purchased BLS-2024 or wish to try a free demo, this installer serves your needs. Additionally, it updates existing installations of BLS-2024 to the latest release.

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2012. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these operating systems are supported.

    The installer does not include Bowling Clipart and Master Bowler Database, which are available as separate installers.

    BLS-2024 is the leading bowling league management software, offering comprehensive features to manage standings, statistics, averages, handicaps, and more. It also includes financial management tools for league treasurer duties. Supported leagues include USBC, CTF, and TNBA sanctions leagues for the Fall 2023 through Summer 2024 bowling season, as well as non-sanctioned leagues. Furthermore, BLS-2024 supports uploading to and for the Fall 2023 through Summer 2024 season, along with personal websites.

    To purchase BLS-2024 or for more information, visit our online store at

    To download this installer, simply click the green download button provided. If prompted to save or run the file, select "Save." Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded file and run the installer by double-clicking on it. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation process.

    If you encounter any issues during the download or installation process, please feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.

    Operating Systems Supported: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 2022 Server, Windows 2019 Server Windows 2016 Server, and Windows 2012 Server. Supports 32 bit and 64 bit versions of these operating systems.
    Note: While installation and operation appears to work with Windows 8.1, this operation is no longer supported by Microsoft or officially supported/tested by CDE


    To request a quote for our products, please feel free to call our sales team or visit our online store. Our representatives will be happy to assist you and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

    When you purchase our product, you’ll receive a program installer that includes the program manual in PDF format, the MBD-2025 installer, and a bonus clipart installer. These additional resources are designed to enhance your experience with our software and provide you with everything you need to get started.

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need further assistance. We’re here to help!


    Please note that all upgrade orders undergo manual verification to ensure eligibility. If the software was transferred to you by a previous user, you are required to complete, sign, and return a Transfer of Ownership form from our support section to CDE Software before your order can be processed.

    This verification process helps us maintain the integrity of our upgrade system and ensures that upgrades are provided to eligible users in accordance with our policies. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

    Available Mid August 2024.