If the software program is going to be installed on this computer, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the program to be downloaded from the Downloads page.
  2. Click the DOWNLOAD button to begin downloading the software.
  3. If your browser provides a prompt to SAVE or RUN the installer, select SAVE. By selecting save, it allows the installer to be archived or run at a later time.
  4. If your browser provides a prompt to choose the location to save the installer, please either select DESKTOP or DOWNLOADS and click SAVE. Remember the location and the file name of the file you transferred, as you will need to access this after the transfer has finished. Some browsers, such as Firefox, may automatically begin saving the installer in a designated location, so you may refer to the web browser help file on how to access or locate that location.
  5. The browser will begin transferring the software installer from our servers to your computer. The amount of time it takes to transfer the installer will vary depending on your Internet connection speed, the traffic between your connection and our server, the size of the file being transferred as well as the the volume of other customers downloading software from our server. If you have dial-up Internet access, this can take an extreme amount of time, with possibilities of connection interruptions, so we suggest finding an alternate Internet connection that has high speed.
  6. Once the transfer has completed, locate the installer downloaded and double-click on the installer to begin the installation process and follow the prompts.
  7. The installer can be saved onto removable media, such as a CD-ROM or memory stick in case the software needs to be reinstalled at a later date.